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Volunteer Researchers Raise Questions about HPV Vaccine Efficacy

International Coalition of Advocates for the People’s first educational advocacy effort has been a success. Seven women who became international advocates wrote a paper about HPV vaccines to educate all necessary parties in Europe. This paper has been distributed throughout Europe and to select individuals in the United States. Presently, thirteen German scientists from the Robert Koch Institute are questioning the effectiveness of these vaccines. They are also asking for evidence now from the Standing Committee based on the scientists’ views.


Klachten over HPV-inenting Schotland

Netherlands-based advocates, Janny Stokvis and Annelies Witlam have worked tirelessly to distribute the HPV-vaccine research paper produced by International Coalition of Advocates For The People and submitted to the Robert Koch Institute for review. They have supported the HPV-vaccine education process in the Netherlands, the UK, EU Canada and America and are founding members of the International Coalition of Advocates For The People (ICAP). I am proud to be counted amongst their professional associates.


HPV-Vaccine UK Adverse Reaction Reports

All any of us, who have raised questions about the rapid deployment of the HPV vaccines, Gadasil and Cervarix, have ever wanted, is an objective review of the clinic trial information by scientist not related to Big Pharma. In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute is in that process right now. The question American, Canadian, and other EU citizens are asking is, “Why are our own governmental agencies and regulators so against a similar objective review of the clinic trial information and independent medical review of the thousands of reported HPV-vaccine adverse effect cases? Is the no “Robert Koch Institute-like” organization that can ask the questions for our citizens?”