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Iconic Woman

News and Analysis For and About Women

Iconic Woman is the culmination of many years of researching pharmaceutical industrial complex initiatives and their unintended consequences.

The American health care system is, in many ways, broken. Women are being misdiagnosed, improperly medicated and subjected to unnecessary operations to fix ill-defined “female problems”. I have come to believe that physical and mental health has less to do with blindly ingesting Big Pharma’s latest wonder drug, and more to do with the conscious choice to change our lifestyle to include sound nutrition, some exercise and more sleep.

The health and wellbeing of our daughters, grand daughters, and ourselves is a relevant rational for activism. It is imperative that women be proactive in all aspects of our wellness. Education and the willingness to ask questions and demand answers is a start. Sadly, through lack of alternative information, women have become unwittingly complicit in the travesty we call modern medical treatment.

IconicWoman.com and my Blog, An Inconvenient Woman, identifies information of interest, poses questions and provides source documentation for you to pursue your own research and the resources to help you take action. The Inconvenient Woman Blog and article archive offers transformative, educational information to improve your relationship with your body and yourself. These articles will help you expand your current perspective, and encourage you to take a more proactive stance concerning your health.

An Inconvenient Woman is one who insists on full disclosure of the known and probable side effects and interactions of any pharmaceutical prescribed by a health care professional. It is our goal to supply information to critically assess the pharmaceuticals our health care professionals prescribe.

We want to encourage All women and girls to become Inconvenient Women:

Ask Questions, Demand Answers, Verify Answers with an Independent Source, and Make Informed Decisions.

Iconic Woman is dedicated to my writing partner, and the woman who set me on this path, Leslie Bothe, creator of “Holy Hormones Honey!”, a Warrior Goddess, and all of the other feminine activists who question the status quo and then do something about it!

Iconic Women Don’t Get Angry — They Get Active! ™
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